Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Long Delay and New Progression

I have really been slacking on my posting lately.
Mostly its because I'm not in WoW as much and when I am its because I am doing the Cataclysm pre quests.

I have really been enjoying the current events, its no Zombie invasion but its still a lot of fun. I just hope the final stages really step it up to rival the zombies.

Outside of those we have been starting to get back into raiding again. We really have not done much since the guild feel apart and we transferred.
However this past week we finally got back into the progression with working on Heroic 10man Putricide.
Our first day started poorly with 2 members missing due to work and other real life commitments. However we quickly pulled in two adequate PuGs and set into a fresh clear.
Our first day was spent clearing out the first 6 bosses into Plague Wing all on Heroic.
It was a very uneventful night really just your typical farm night.

Day two however was to be dedicated to Putricide himself. We had some new faces with us and we were all feeling a little rusty. Those two together did not make a good combination. We by far had the DPS and Heals to pull it off but raid awareness had been dulled by the time away from the fight. We were there for an hour and a half after the late start and while we were making progress to getting our groove back we still had a way to go.

Friday came around and we were all ready to go, we had the raid near full and plenty of time ahead of us. Boy did we use the time ahead of us. We were a man down again due to some raiders under staffed real life jobs and we had to resort to a new PuG to fill the final spot. It ended up being a friend of another PuG but he was rusty to and worse still did not have the last nights worth of practice on the fight.
We wiped for 3 hours on him some times it was a simple mistake. Sometimes it was RNG just deciding to kill us, like the time I turned to SotR a Ooze and got hit hard due to turning just to far, the Ooze then knocked us back where my flask came off mid air leaving me very low on health and I died to fall damage.

The night was coming to a close with 45min left on the raid night and some people having work early the next morning. We had just cleared through trash again and I called this the final try. Phase one went well everything moved where it meant to and we pushed him through nice and quick. Then phase 2 came and that was going well until nearing the 50% mark a screw up from a PuG left both of our PuGs dead. I was tempted to call a wipe with 2 DPS down but left it to push on.
We hit the 35% mark and brought on phase 3 for the first time that was not a clear wipe. However RNG shined on us again and the Plague in combination with a Slime took out another DPS. We pushed on into the final phase and it was getting hectic with so many dead. Me and my Co-Tank started popping all our CD's as the Plague claimed another DPS. It was getting close and I was kitting him round with 5 stacks of De-buff and no CD's left to pop. My heart was racing and I was not sure we would make it but then at the table he started at he fell.

A sigh of relief came over us all as he was finally down and the guild got its first progression kill on the new server. We are now on our way to being back where we want to be.
Next stop Heroic Sindragossa who we are quite looking forward to after Putricide then its just to normal mode achievements until our Frostwyrms.

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