Saturday, October 23, 2010

So far from Blizzcon

I have been away this weekend and will explain all about that in a later post but I want to add some interesting notes so far from Blizzcon.

In the WoW Q&A Panel it was asked about AS trying to do to much. They said that they liked the though of having to pick roll that you want it for and glyph for that, however they did say that the interrupt part of it may get moved elsewhere.
I don't feel they quite got why its doing to much but removing the interrupt will help bring it down a bit.

They were also asked about whether Prot and Ret had to many spells. Their answer was that they believe we like having so many but if it feels like a lot of maintenance then they are not opposed to trimming a bit.
Not really an issue for me I think our amount of ability's are about at the right amount at present.

On a general WoW note they are looking at making many mounts and Titles to be account bound along with the current account bound Archeology items and guild items.
A nice change, will be good to show what you have earned outside of that one toon. Very nice if you plan to switch mains.

They wanted a kind of "closet" for cool items like tier, tabard's etc but have not had the the chance to do it yet.
I really can not wait for this, I have a lot of bank room filled at present with old gear and tabard's and would like to see that room free again.

Also they have stated that Legendarys will be available in 10man as as well as 25man.
Welcome clarification for anyone that wants to now be a 10man only guild.

In the class Q&A they eluded to the fact that Inquisition should help bring GrCr to its current position making it even more a AoE talent, however they did say number might be out so could see some changes coming.
Does not sound like they will be big though.

They have said they would like to share achievements with alts.
Same thing with the mounts and titles really, still very nice.

Sadly it seems Divine Plea is back for us. The good news is that they will be making it a "Blood Rage" for Prot making it Generate HoPo.
I like this a lot, fixes many issue we have with the solo HoPo generator, lack of burst threat and give us an emergency button in the form o somewhat on demand heal's.

Will keep an eye on the rest of the con. Also looking forward to watching 'The Raid' pre screening through live stream. If you have not heard of it go look it up now and be ready to watch.

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