Monday, October 25, 2010

LFG Armageddon

This past Saturday I missed most of the Blizzcon news because I was out at Armageddon, New Zealands smaller equivalent of Comic Con.

My Partner, two of our friends and myself left early in the morning for the 2 hour trip up north to the yearly expo.
This was my first time ever going to Armageddon and only had a vague idea what to expect. I knew there would be people in Cosplay and plenty of games and comics but that was about all.

We got there about 30min after opening and already the place was filling up quick.
Our first plan was just to walk around and take in the sites. Along with the expected booths there was plenty of cheep imitation products and expensive authentic products. There was nerf gun displays and demos for the PS Move and Xbox Kinect, Costumes for Halloween and plenty of other random little things.

After spending the morning site seeing my first proper stop was the Ubisoft Assassins Creed Brotherhood stall where I was able to try out the new multiplayer feature before release. It was a local match with myself vs 4 other strangers, sadly due to a muddle up with consoles I only had two character to choose from but I was just excited to be there.
After picking the Barber we were in the game and I had to quickly remember controls I had not touched in months. Nothing like the thought of someone coming to kill you to help you remember how to free run over buildings.
I spent most of the round in second place and It really was a lot of fun the system took a bit to get used to with a few rules that had to be picked up as you we but it was a great experience. You were given an NPC mark and once they were dead you were given a player mark. The longer your kill streak the more player were assigned to kill you. My friend was watching from behind me and said it was great knowing just who my mark was and watching their face drop as I took them out, I only knew the feeling of the monk beside me yelling with joy as he bludgeoned me to death twice.
Overall the graphics and general gameplay has not really changed that much from the second game but the multiplay was a lot of fun and I have a strong feeling that I am going to be playing it for a long time to come.
Edit:Seems that there were not NPC's I was killing just really bad players.

While on the subject of games I had the chance to have a look at some live demos for the Move and Kinect. The move I was disappointed with, even knowing what it was it came off as just a better higher class Wii. Sure that's basically what it is but I really did not grab me like the Kinect did. The Kinect was amazing, it responded really well to movement and boy was there a lot more movement than I expected. With out playing them myself the Kinect is the hands down winner.

After a late lunch and 45min in the line for the ATM I headed off the the Blind Ferret booth where Ryan Sohmer and Lar de Souza were selling and signing there wares. For those who don't know Ryan and Lar do the web comics 'Least I Could Do' and 'Looking For Group'. I picked up a copy of LFG Volume 1 and was lucky enough to get them both to sign it. After that I went to the Web Comics panel hosted by the two of them. While my partner and friends were not interested in the panel they all came and listened and to be blunt Ryan and Lar are f'ing hilarious, my face hurt from laughing it was just an hour of humorous stories tie together by a little bit of web comic talk, even my partner had a good time. I even go sworn at by Lar and told to "F**k off and let us sleep" when asking if we could have more frequent updates on LFG, loved it.

It was a great day and although we had a lot of fun I was defiantly a once in a while thing, although next time I will be sure to bring tonnes of cash to take advantage of all the great deals there. Also from looking at the different levels of costumes I think if I ever go in Cosplay I will defiantly have to spend a year or so on it. Sure there were some great costumes but I do not want to end up like those people that seemed to just whack theirs together. Also although I know you probably don't read I want to apologize tot he guy I insulted in the ATM line, I really had no clue you were behind me. However to be fair if you come to a Con like this and your Altiar/Ezio Costume is you in an Assassins Creed official hoody with a plastic sword under your belt you deserve to be mocked a tiny bit.

Hopefully some time in the future I can see how America does it by visiting Comic Con itself or perhaps even Blizzcon.

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