Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uneventful Recap

Its been a slow week in WoW for me with little Cataclysm news after the reveal of Holy Power. Most of my time has been spent ether on other games or working my Priest through Outlands with my Partner.
I did however have big plans for this weekends raids aiming to possibly look at Halion hard mode and spend some time knocking out Putricide hard as well. Unfortunately for us this weekend was plagued once again by real life and several raiders were not able to make it on. We went first and took down an easy Halion normal with only one wipe mostly due to my forgetfulness on boss positioning.
With Halion down we took the fight to ICC clearing out LDW, GS, DBS and BQL all on Hard mode before calling it a night.
Saturday was even worse with one more person away we were to be officially under the 10 we needed for ICC so instead we took 8 of us to Ulduar for some Drake catchup and gear collecting for the Herald of the Titans achievement.

After taking out One tower FL and Ignis, Razor and XT on Hard mode where we could we moved to the Assembly of Iron normal with no Deaths and then made our way to the Cat Lady for a new Achievement.

After that we took out Hodir and then to Thorim for yet another new achievement.

We called it a night after that with some people having dinner coming.
Sunday we went back into ICC 1 man down and after clearing through Festergut and the Rotface achievement It was obvious that we were one man down. Luckily for us one of our first applicants was online and not only was he unsaved but was keen to do his trial on the last half of ICC.
With a full raid team we quickly moved through normal Putriced, Valithria and Sindragossa to face off against the Lich King for the first time in months.

After a break and a quick explanation of the fight the those that hadn't done it before we went in. It was messy and several time we lost someone to something stupid I even nearly wiped us twice when getting Defile on myself and having no warning or /say cloud for it. Despite the mess the group managed to stay together and 10 minutesish later we had the guilds second Lich King kill, 5 people got new titles, the guild had a new member, my partner scored a new Spell Dagger and I picked up Troggbane the tanking Axe to upgrade my normal mode Scepter from Marrowgarr.

Next week we should have more people on and be able to knockout Putricide on hard mode, especially with the increase of the ICC buff to 30%.

Also keep tuned for my thoughts on any new changes coming in the next beta build that should be out later today.

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