Sunday, May 16, 2010

Divided and Dissapointed.

So I started my week with a little stint in Outland Soloing some old Heroics for memory's and realised I was very close to Exalted with Aldor. After a quick pop to the AH and 200g later on Fel Arments

Friday came around and once again we were short a few for 25mans. Its strange how despite heavy recruiting we are still in the same place. We went as we normally would and knocked out an easy 6 bosses before having to call it a night due to a few being called away.
Saturday came and raids were called on account of to few on, however this time we were short the tank to do two 10mans and instead went to Ulduar to work on those elusive drakes. We made easy work of most of the place even picking up a one shot Freya HM with several who had never done her on normal. For our efforts we were awarded

We had some minor difficulty with Mim but Firefighter was soon down and the General HM followed.
Then we hit Yogg the last wall between half a dozen of us and our drakes. It was messy with people in clouds a lot but this time we weren't carrying anyone and all 10 did their work getting through phases despite all the adds. Several occasions we got to phase 3, once was even a 8% wipe but it started to get messy with even more mistakes. With my partner sick in bed we left it there and Yoggs toothy face smiling at us, still mocking as he keeps our drakes. We will get them though and now we are at his door again we can extend and work him till hes down.

Sunday ended up sharing Fridays fate with raids called early due to people leaving. Although one positive came and that was the failing of a rather annoying guildies trial, we can finally be rid of him and maybe there will be a little less drama now.
On a similar sad note we did lose a long time friend of mine. For the first time ever Festergut dropped his hunter belt in 25man and a guy I have known since level 40 has been waiting a long time for it to do so. However with pugs in raid there was always going to be a risk and this time a pug rolled a 96 far beating out anyone else. Being a strong item the pug of cause (and rightfully so) would not hand over the belt to guildies and my friend go angry. Now he is prone to the occasional rage and has rage quit once before and seeing it coming I would not let it happen again. He may have picked me up from the airport when I went to Oz, but halfway through his "I'm out" speech in guild "/gkick" and he was gone. Its sad to do it but really we have no choice in pugging a few people and they will often want gear you do.If the choice is not run because you wont pug or risk loosing an item to a pug most people would choose to risk it.
All we can really do is move on and hope that soon we wont have to pug again.

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