Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

Been a rather good weekend of the guild. Started our runs with 25ICC as usual on Friday and only had to pug in 3 people. Not much to not for the 25, we had a clean run through Rotface and Festergut and had been doing well until we got to Council. For some reason Council didn't click this week at all and every attempt was plagued with mistakes until we called it with some people having to leave and planning to return the following night.
Then on Sat only 18 guildies were able to show and we dropped any further 25mans this week to work on ICC10.
The run started well with Gunship finally after all these weeks dropping my shield.
We then proceeded to get both

but then we faltered on both Putricide and Valitria trying to get their achievements.
Saturday finished on a poor note of having all of Frostwing left.
Today we went back into 10man to clear Frostwing and continue on Lich King. After two shotting both Valithria and Sindragosa we made our way again to the Frozen Throne. It did not go well to start people were making silly mistakes over and over, attacking the Horrors before they got to me, standing in AoEs and missing cleanses.
Our best attempt of the night was 66%. Then with peoples dinner coming and one having to leave we called last attempt and went all out. People just did what they were meant to and it clicked, phase 1 was perfect, transition also perfect and we went cleanly into phase 2 with everyone alive and perfect positioning. For the first time we got solid attempts on the Defiles and Val'kyr. We ended up having some people falling off the end as we started to lose it a little but with myself and the healers alive we managed to push him to 45% before wipe setting a new bar of excellence for next week when we extend the lockout and push phase 3.

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