Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weak Weekend for 25's

Not a great start to this weekends raiding.
Had 19 show up on friday, so ended up skipping ICC that night and just knocking out the raid weekly and doing some PvP.
Saturday improved slightly. Had 22 show up on time and with the help of some out of guild friends we got in almost on time.
Saturday must of been our lucky day, epics just seemed to rain from the sky.
First we have drop in the trash pre-Marrowgarr, then from the Giant skeleton himself making my first ICC upgrade outside of Emblems.
The both and drop on Deathwhispers trash giving me another upgrade.
Finally drops on the way to gunship as we one shot the new weekly raid for the Rotting Frost Giant.
Sadly the good luck stopped there when my officer DK was plauged by disconnects on Festergut for reasons we couldnt figure out. Got the guy to 13% before we hit enrage with 2 DCs and one of our non-guildie raiders pulling under my OT. Gives us confidance thought that next week his gassy self will be downed.

Finished the night with a quick pop into 10man to clear the 1st 4 bosses for a chance a progression tomorrow. Once again another week without any 10man tank drops im starting to think I will see one of Arthus's weapons before Marrowgarr drops his.

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