Thursday, January 28, 2010

About the guild.

Seeing quite a few of my posts will be on raiding and other guild related things it only seems fair to introduce it.
I am GM, Raid Lead and Main Tank of the Lifé guild on the Dath'Remar Oceanic server.
We are a 10 and 25man raiding guild in Ice Crown Citadel.
Currently 6/12 in 10man with Blood Prince Council down and 4/5 in 25man.
The guilds currently at that awkward place between what we can do with a semi casual attitude and the next level up in focus which we need to advance in 25mans.

I came to the guild after hopping from guild to guild in BC and the start of Wrath as guilds fell apart or I out grew them.
Eventually I came to reside in Lifé, where after a slow start I took a strong guild position and the Main Tank spot upon the Guild Leader at the time server transferring to a more advanced guild (he took the easy way out).
I then took the officer spot for a few months until that GM finally handed over the top spot to me so that he could focus on real life.

Now here i stand finding that leading a raid guild is a lot more work than the social guild I once ran. A lot of things both good and bad have come about because my time here. It is bacause of a lot of these events that I decided to create this blog, somewhere to write down all the stuff that goes on. Both good and bad I plan to share it here and hopefully get some input back on some of it, to see your thoughts on them.

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Anonymous said...

i didnt take the easy way out
i made my own decision to play at the level of myself.